CSR Activities

In the Year 1980, the Chaphekar Group set up a Charitable Organization in the name ‘Yeshwant Narayan Chaphekar Charitable Trust’ (YNC Trust) with a single point agenda – ‘EDUCATION’ for the poor & needy.

The trust chose the place of birth of its late founder, Mr. Y.N. Chaphekar, village MANOR, a rural area in District Palghar, around 100 kms from Mumbai, where lot of deserving students were forced to leave education halfway due to lack of finance & educational infrastructure.

The YNC trust identified an organization viz., General Education Society, established in 1960, which was struggling to sustain an infrastructure to accommodate the increasing number of students from the village. Eventually, the trust setup its first school viz, Yeshwant Narayan Chaphekar Primary School.

Today the trust supports education of over 2500 students through its following institutes in village Manor: -

1. Yeshwant Narayan Chaphekar Primary School (Marathi Medium)
2. Yeshwant Narayan Chaphekar Kindergarten (Marathi Medium)
3. Satyabhama Chaphekar Junior College of Arts (English Medium)
4. Lalbaddur Shastri Vidyalaya (Marathi Medium)
5. Yeshwant Narayan Chaphekar English School (English Medium)

Since 3 decades, our Chairman, Mr. Subhash Chaphekar along with his wife, Neeta, actively manage the entire administration of this Trust. Today the trust has been successfully transitioned to the third generation of the Chaphekar family who are striving to prepare students to face challenges of the 21st century.

Apart from supporting the above named institutes, the trust is also engaged in distribution of school uniforms to tribal students in a remote village AINA, located around 150kms from Mumbai. The trust also gives monetary help to poor students for the purpose of education and medical aid.

The employees of SUYASH too have been provided with the facility of availing financial assistance for their children’s education.

Around four years ago, Mr. Subhash Chaphekar along with his brother, Ashok, donated an handsome amount to an independent organization viz., Panchal Samaj Madhyavarti Mandal to construct a polytechnique in District Palghar which has been named, ‘Yeshwantrao Chaphekar College of Commerce & Management’.

Mr. Subhash Chaphekar along with his family, continue to carry on the mantle of philanthropy bestowed upon them by late Shri. Y.N. Chaphekar.