In 1958, a young skilled toolmaker, Y. N. Chaphekar decided to start his own business, a business of something he was extremely good at – tool design & manufacturing. What started as a small workshop in Parel grew into a multi-location, multi-million rupee manufacturing facility supplying a variety of engineering components to some of the giants of the Indian industry. Chaphekars became a name to reckon with in the automotive sector. The supplies varied from a small precision engineered pin to large load bodies for trucks – Chaphekars were supplying them all. They also became reputed as dependable suppliers of wiper motors & windscreen washers. Equipped with the knowledge & experience gained through years of servicing one of the most demanding industry, Chaphekars decided to widen the horizons of business. They decided to go beyond the boundaries of India. The youngest son of the Founder, Subhash Chaphekar founded Suyash Impex to deal with exports of components & assemblies.


Subhash Y. Chaphekar – Chairman & Managing Director

A qualified engineer trained under the tutelage of the Founder. He has engineering in his blood & is immensely passionate about manufacturing as a subject. He loves solving manufacturing challanges & is the primary force behind manufacturing innovations at Suyash.

Amol S. Chaphekar – CEO

The young & dynamic CEO of Suyash is an engineer & a B-School graduate. Amol is a street smart leader with experience in a variety of business disciplines like operations, purchase, marketing & sales. Apart from building a profitable organization, Amol works on building an efficient enterprise by working with the production team on productivity enhancement

The Team

A team of qualified, experienced & dedicated professionals manage the technical requirements of the manufacturing and exports facility. It also manages customer programs from order placement through to delivery and on-going support. Combining our prowess in design & manufacturing techniques, it helps us avert delays giving a boost to our prompt delivery. Our unmatched capability of offering end-to-end engineering services from conceptualisation to production to continual improvisation has helped us make inroads in businesses across the globe.

Largely project based, the team is able to draw upon a wide range of skills and tools to assist it. Manufacturing engineers are trained and experienced on a number of CAD packages and have the ability to adapt to all major customer design systems. These among other skills, ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget.