Suyash today prides itself in the fact that it is one of the very few engineering outsourcing companies offering a one-stop manufacturing solution. Though the processes of metal cutting and metal forming need very different competencies; we offer both these processes under the same roof. We handle conventional metal cutting processes like turning, milling, centreless grinding, as well as special processes like thread rolling, lapping, spin riveting, etc. On the metal forming front, we offer punching, bending, nibbling, notching & deep drawing for sheets upto 6 mm thickness.

Metal Forming

Over 3 decades of manufacturing a variety of sheet metal components and fabrication, Suyash today is in a position to become a reliable partner for sheet metal components & assemblies.

Metal Cutting

Armed with the experience of producing precision components by using a variety of metal cutting processes like turning, milling, grinding, super finishing, etc, we have developed a fully-equipped machine shop to handle virtually all processes needed to produce precision machined components.


Our journey upwards in the value chain began long ago with welded assemblies supplied to the automotive sector. Today we handle small & intricate switchgear assemblies as well as large fuel containment tank assemblies with the same dexterity.